Insolvency law and business crisis

Nowadays, the business crisis regulation is constantly evolving, following the emission of the Crisis Code. Even if the main part will not come into force until the 1st of September 2021, a new focus on the crisis signs and on the application of the most suitable measures in order to manage it are needed now. The RML Law Firm provides a multidisciplinary approach to the enterprise crisis, by assisting the entrepreneur not only in facing the crisis, but prior to that in creating an adequate structure which could stand up to warning systems scrutiny and that positively implements the insights from the new normative in the light of improving the management control and the corporate efficiency.

On the basis of our decades of experience, our activity related to managing corporate crisis, turns to helping clients as well as to creditors and all the subjects which have business with companies in difficulty and which have to manage the impact on their production capacity.

Our activity includes:

  • Support to enterprises in creating an adequate managing structure, which meets the new criteria as outlined within the warning systems and which enables to protect the administrative body from the growing responsibilities related to the management of the Company, through the Bylaws, governance and delegated powers systems’ adjustment.
  • Assistance to enterprises in acknowledging the crisis and identifying the most suitable legal solutions for the restructuring/restoration of the business as well as for the liquidation of the corporation in crisis.
  • Assistance to directors, shareholders and auditors, as well as to the individual entrepreneur, in evaluating risks of personal liabilities and in developing the best strategies in order to minimise it. 
  • Assistance to the enterprise in putting the company into liquidation, in preparing and negotiating schemes, restructuring agreements and application for compositions with creditors or to submit a bankruptcy request.
  • Assistance in the appeals against the bankruptcy declaration.
  • Assistance to entrepreneurs who cannot go bankrupt and to professionals during the resolution of the debt crisis.
  • Assistance to the organs of bankruptcy procedures, in particular for clawback actions, liability actions, recovery of credits on behalf of the bankruptcy receiver.
  • Requests for the admission of credits to the insolvency passive and for the restitution of goods and actions for the opposition against the bankruptcy statement of debts.
  • Advice and assistance to customers of suppliers in crisis, the development of negotiating solutions for the management of supply relationships with the aim of protecting production and minimizing unpaid credits.
  • Assistance in extraordinary transactions in relation to companies in crisis, such as rentals and sale of business or of company shares, prior to the opening of insolvency procedures or in the framework of the same.