Deb collection

For the benefit of our Clients, we handle high volumes of debt collection, especially B2B, without surrendering to a standard strategy but, instead, by offering a customized management.

Our debt collection management is:

  • global, since we take care of each phase of the debt collection, extrajudicial, provisionary, judicial and for the enforcement, by being constantly attentive to policies and to the Clients goals and by continuously updating the evaluation about the debtor’s credit value; we are able to advise the Client about the best time to switch from extrajudicial to judicial activities, without wasting time and, thus, with the maximum efficiency against the debtor;
  • specialised: we work on the basis of specialised procedures agreed with the Clients, in compliance with the indicated timing;
  • updated: the constant interaction with the Client is our main priority; we take care of the reporting activity, in accordance with the arrangements agreed, because the constant updating of the Client is vital to make short time decisions and, hence, for the collection efficiency;
  • international: we have a thorough knowledge and decades of experience in regard to the specific features of international collection; we solve the problems which can arise from different legal systems and we ease the interaction with the Italian legal system for our foreign Clients.

Thanks to our skills and qualifications, we are the Italian partners of the EOS Group.

Thus, the Credit Management goes beyond the mainstream debt collection, it is an essential tool for  companies in order to create value and stability, by respecting the budgetary logic and the peculiarities of the target market of said client.

In this light, the Partners of the RML Law Firm are members of the Credit Manager Italian Association and of the Bundesverband Credit Management.