A team of professionals always by your side

The collaboration among all members of our team is essential for the timely and competent performance of the assignments we receive from our clients.

In order to handle the credit recovery activity in connection with large volumes of credits in the best way we have integrated in our organisation, together with lawyers, also professionals specialised in the out-of-Court debt collection and in para-legal activities, together, of course, with the people involved in secretary and accountability activities.

To date our team is thus formed by 10 professionals (of which 7 are lawyers).

Everyone of us brings his/her own wealth of experience, the predilection for certain specific areas of law and his/her own network of contacts; it is precisely the combination of these elements, together with our constant evolution, that allows us to better share within the RML Law Firm the performance of the different tasks, allocating our professional resources in the most efficient way for Clients and combining specialized skills with a solid knowledge of civil law in general.

Lawyers and Partners of RML – Studio Legale Associato


Secretary and administration

Luciana Vanessa Varone

Para-legal activity

Michela Aquino

Out-of-Court debt collection

Morena D’Amelio