Extraordinary operations are an amazing engine for growth even during crisis times.

Leasings and sale of companies and business units, selling of equity interests, joint ventures are complex operations in which negotiation must bring parties to a common important goal, the achievement of a profitable deal for both entities.

Therefore, we support our Clients in structuring commercial relations and the connected negotiations, even within crossborder operations, by helping each time to overcome the regulatory differences among different Countries, thus removing possible conflicts which would not facilitate the deal’s conclusion.

To this aim, we assist our Clients at all stages of the operation:

  • Drafting and negotiation of preliminary agreements (for example, letters of intent, confidentiality and exclusivity agreements, Memorandum of Understanding)
  • Preparation, coordination and execution of Legal Due Diligences (for the benefit of the Vendor or of the Buyer) and drafting of the related report
  • Structuring and negotiation of extraordinary operations (Share Deals, Asset Deals, business rentals or business units rental, joint ventures) and incorporation of special purpose vehicles for the acquisition
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts (framework agreement, master agreement, executive contracts)
  • Structuring of corporate governance relations followed by revision of the by-laws and drafting shareholders’ agreements
  • Project financing contracts
  • Support for the post-closing reorganisation of companies
  • Management of warranty for damages requests (active and passive) deriving from the acquisition of companies and equity interests.