National and international contracts

The drafting of contracts which are correct and perfectly suited to the enterprise’s needs is a key element for the management of any business. In this light, we deal with the drafting of each contract as well as with the creation of a coherent contractual arrangement that envisages General Terms and Conditions (of purchase and sale) and their integrations with single contracts, orders and with any other contractual document produced by the undertaking and, eventually,  we deal with the assistance and training at various company levels in order to manage the usage of contractual documents in the most efficient and “user-friendly” way.

With regard to contracts, our range of activities, specifically, includes:

  • The legal verification and monitoring of the contractual relations already in place in the company, in order to underline, if necessary, weaknesses and to suggest any appropriate audit;
  • The preparation and review of the text of contracts, including sales network contracts, agency, distribution, franchise, e-commerce contracts, contracts for the supply of goods and the provision of services, consignment stock contracts, logistics and inventory contracts, cooperation and consultancy agreements, outsourcing and agreements for the supply of services, license and technology transfer agreements, research and development contracts, loan agreements, procurement contracts, lease contracts and preliminary or final contracts connected to real estate business;
  • The preparation, review and updating of the General Conditions;
  • Assistance in the negotiations;
  • Assistance during the cancellation and termination of contracts, also in connection with the related extrajudicial or judicial disputes.

All the activities related to contracts are performed both at a national and international level, with a focus on the peculiarities of the crossborder relations and the related means of protections for the Clients.