Real estate and building law

The real estate sector often requires major investments and has many pitfalls.

For this reason, the realization of your dream or real estate business requires careful planning and design, an adequate assessment of risks and tax profiles and proper management of contractual instruments.

The RML Law Firm makes all the experience gained in 25 years of activity in the private procurement sector available to its clients, be they private, service companies operating in the sector (real estate brokers, engineering companies, plant companies, etc.), as well as large or small construction companies, during which we had the opportunity to provide assistance also for the realization of important works as well as large and small redevelopment or real estate development interventions.

The consolidated relationships with other professionals and operators of the sector throughout the country represent an added value that allows us to assist the entrepreneur in the decisions and key choices of any business in the sector, from its initial planning.

Finally, the international soul of our Law Firm represents an added value that allows us to effectively support  foreign investors who are approaching the real estate market in our beautiful country.