Privacy Policy

This website, owned by RML – Studio Legale Associato, data controller pursuant to art. 4, paragraph 7 of the GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as the free circulation of such data) uses cookies and similar technologies. Since we take the protection of your privacy and personal data very seriously, with this information we provide you with some information on the way in which your personal data are processed, as well as on the way in which cookies are used and in which can be controlled by the user.

Data processing

First of all, the data transmitted by your browser are automatically recorded in the server statistics, i.e .:

type and version of the browser used
operating system used
Referrer URL (the previously visited site)
Hostname of the computer requesting access (IP address)
time of the server request
Normally the aforementioned data cannot be referred to specific persons.

Any data provided voluntarily by the user are also subject to processing.

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mails to the addresses indicated on this site entails the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary to respond to requests, as well as any other personal data included in the message. Specific summary information will be progressively reported or displayed on the pages of the site set up for particular services on request.

If common, sensitive and judicial data are provided in relation to the assignment of an assignment, they will be recorded and processed in accordance with the applicable regulations and subject to consent pursuant to art. 13 D. Lgs. 196/2003.

Right to information: The data recorded in relation to your people will be communicated to you in accordance with the provisions of the privacy legislation.

For any further questions on the processing of your data, LVia simply invite you to send us an email.


The use of this website (and any other site managed by us) implies the acceptance, by the user, of the use of cookies (and similar technologies) in accordance with this information.

Cookies are information saved on the hard disk of the user’s terminal and which are sent by the user’s browser to a Web server and which refer to the use of the network. Consequently, they allow you to know the services, the sites visited and the options that, while surfing the net, have been shown. In other words, cookies are small files, containing letters and numbers, which are downloaded to the user’s computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies are then sent back to the original site on each subsequent visit, or to a other website that recognizes these cookies. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize the user’s device.

This information is not, therefore, provided spontaneously and directly, but leaves traces of the user’s web browsing.

Cookies perform various functions and allow you to navigate between pages efficiently, remembering user preferences and, more generally, improving their experience.

On our site, cookies are used to know the total number of visitors on an ongoing basis as well as the types of browsers and operating systems used, as well as to monitor the performance of the site, including how visitors use it, as well as to improve its functionality. and therefore your browsing experience.

In particular, we use cookies set by Google Analytics, which are used to collect information on how visitors use the site, including the number of visitors, the sites of origin and the pages visited on our website. We use this information to compile reports and to improve our website.

We may also use the Facebook Pixel cookie, which allows us to track conversions that occur on our website as a result of advertisements made on Facebook. However, this cookie is not used for the purpose of profiling the interested party but only for statistical purposes.

By choosing to refuse cookies, the user may not be able to use all the features of the site.

You can block cookies by following the instructions provided by your browser (usually found in the “Help”, “Tools or” Edit “menus). Disabling a cookie or a category of cookies does not delete them from the browser. Therefore, this operation must be carried out directly in the browser.

If you want to delete, disable or restore the cookies on your computer, you can use the cookie configuration pages made available by any third-party content providers, or through the user’s browser options.