Fiorella Espichan Segovia

Trainee Lawyer

Main areas of competence
  • Compliance

  • Credit management

  • National and international contracts


Spanish, Italian, English, German


Fiorella Espichan Segovia collaborates mainly in the fields of civil law, credit management and compliance, including in banking matters.

Excellent language skills allow her to operate in the fields of international credit management and for the processing of contractual texts in Italian, Spanish and English.


Fiorella Espichan Segovia has been collaborating with RML - Studio Legale Associato since October 2020.

Born in Lima (Peru) and trained in international Italian language schools, she then decided to continue her studies at the University of Bologna, where she graduated in 2020 and then began an internship period pursuant to art. 73 Law 98/2013 alongside a Judge at the Bologna Court of Appeal.

A native speaker of Spanish, she has acquired a perfect command of Italian and English in her studies, as well as a good command of German.